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Aurora's Poems

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

A while ago, I came to know about this amazing app, called Wakie (not a sponsored post, but check it out) where we can talk to some random strangers and (if we're lucky enough) become actual friends (or more 😉). I thought that most of the world is in quarantine and so I'd be able to change my attitude and make more actual friends.

But, there was still a tiny problem - I'm a socially awkward person. I am an introvert and I mostly avoid any direct contact with anyone other than my closest family members and friends. So, if I had to achieve my goal, I had to be a totally different person.

I tried my best to act awesome and super cool. A few people actually seemed to believe me. Others knew exactly what I was doing: I was being someone else. After almost a week of my ups and downs in using this app, I started chatting with a few people. Some of them were good to me and some weren't - it was like I was living another part of my life within this app. During one of these events, I met a girl, around my age, with a pen name Aurora.

Almost immediately we started to get connected, mostly by knowing more about each other. We started to share our interests and life stories. We had a lot in common. It was like we were more like TWINS than just friends. And so, we attributed this word to call each other. We even became as close as sharing each other's numbers.

Also, she had a few interests that I could never possibly do; and one of those interests is poetry. Yes, friends! She has amazing skills when it comes to poetry. Every now and then, she would post one of her works and she'd get a lot of likes. She almost had her own fanbase (😜)! And truly, in some poetry, there is wisdom.

A while ago, she told me that she also runs a Blogging site with a few of her works. Even the tagline of her blog is amazing. It reads:

Poetry is the most beautiful way of expression. The deepest secrets of your heart can be expressed anonymously yet so familiarly. Aurora's Diary, my very own heartfelt experiences, and writings in the form of poetry that may be of help. Explore my site and all that I have to offer; perhaps Aurora will ignite your own passions as well.

I got her permission to feature a few of her works on my blog. So, here are a few of my favourites:


Chocolate is something sweet,

That anyone would love to eat.

Every moment of life has a tune;

Like the break of Dawn on the dune.

In all life's pages, I see,

That chocolate is something that makes you feel cosy.

It makes you feel like a baby even when you are old and eighty;

It always makes your heart go crazy!

Adding chocolate to life even for a while,

It can make your time worthwhile.

When you feel you are on exile,

Chocolate can make you smile.

When you are crying all alone,

Or even if you are just out of control;

When chocolate plays its role,

It will surely fill your soul.

When you are boiling like a kettle,

Chocolate helps you settle.

When you are in a teary puddle,

It gives you a warm cuddle.

It can be your favourite snack,

That makes your lips smack;

Or even something just off the rack,

For a journey untold along the track.

Everyone can see the spark,

When you start to sing like the lark;

If chocolate milk, white or dark,

Has made your heart a landmark.

It lifts you up when you are down and gloomy,

Even if you are very very choosy;

It makes your day more bright n bloomy,

Like the pure light and its beauty.

Just in case your heart turns to stone,

Or if you are in monotone,

Maybe to a cyclone of troubles, you are prone;

Never leave your chocolate alone.


I'm just watching the rain,

Lost in 'the thought train'...

"I'm just a passenger;

Not a messenger,

With a bitter cup of coffee

And a sweet toffee;

Trying to define something,

Even if I have everything,

But I know one thing;

Without you, I'm nothing."

The trouble that brews in my heart,

I cannot get away from that part.

I cannot tell you,

I fear I'll lose you.

My cry you cannot hear

Because you aren't near.

The silence fills the air;

A feeling that 'you no longer care'.

When you look upon some treasures rare

Your heart is heavy and you cannot bear

You do not know what to feel

All you can do is cry when you kneel

Distant memories come back to you

They seem deep even though they are but a few

Tears turn to salt

When they come to a halt

You feel you need to understand

Then you learn to take a stand

Feel and cry coz it will make you feel light

Fighting feelings is not right

Let all the emotions wash over you

There are always smiles after sorrows.

Keep smiling coz the days may get better

That's what 'Hope' is all about.


I hopped off the train,

It seemed like it's gonna rain.

As I started my descend from the stairs,

A random song airs in my ear;

My eyes are somehow fixed on the heavy clouds,

That is gathering along my path.

Stronger blows the wind,

The sight looks like the break of dawn,

Only to shift my mind

To the unmowed lawn

Swaying n bending right

Just like my hoodie n hair

I hold my bag tight;

As I feel the air.

I lift my lashes to lookup

Only to see the clouds turn black.

A smile plays on my lips,

As I hum the tune of the track.

As I draw closer to the houses,

The gush of wind subsidies;

I twirl towards the end of the path

Only to find myself stop;

My eyes take in the view before me,

As the last warm glow of the evening

Bids goodbye to the swamp and the tiled roofs.

From clouds did rain begin to mizzle,

On my lashes, it started to settle.

My senses started to fill with:

The fragrance of the rain-starved earth,

A feeling of contentment.

I slow my pace as home drew near,

Enjoying the sensation moreover.

The path was clear;

The sight that my eyes held,

The song that I hear,

Will stay in my heart forever.

Though dark and gloomy

My heart was all bright and gloomy.


Words, a way of expressing,

A part of our daily life.

The only way to communicate;

They can also make u hesitate.

Words are used to greet;

And are essential when people meet.

Words cannot be brought,

They can only be taught.

Words can be harsh,

And you can end up in a teary marsh!

Words can take you high,

They can also make your heart sigh.

Words can be dry;

They can make you cry.

Words can comfort you,

Even though the one saying it isn't in front of you.

Words can make them miss you,

Because they will always love you.

Words can make a start,

Or they can even break a heart.